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Splish Splash!  The Game That's Swimming With Fun!

Publisher: Gamewright
2-4 players, aged 4+
Length: Approximately 15 minutes per game

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Toy Sheet Review

     Splish Splash! is an insanely cute game for children from preschool age and up.  The game consists of 4 colorful game wheels with adorable animals in the center, so every player can pick their favorite character.  There is a rabbit, a bear, a frog, and a ducky. The main "pond" is made of plastic, and the multi-colored leaves, die and pebble are crafted from wood. 

     We had a blast with this game.  Our preschooler couldn't wait to get it open when it came in the mail.  When he finally got to play it, he was so excited for each turn, and we were happy to see him having so much fun.  Now, not only does our son ask to play this game each and every day, but we have to keep it up, because he is so fond of the little wooden leaves that he carries them around the house.

      The one thing that I would improve is that the leaves don't want to pop out very easily.  While it does extend game play time, it's somewhat slow going when leaves don't pop out for 4 drops of the pebble, even by an adult.    Still, this game is quite clever and cheerful, children will love it, and it's durable and  inexpensive.

 Game Summary:  Splish Splash! A Game That's Swimming with Fun consists of a plastic pond, colorful wooden leaves, a die, and a round black wooden pebble.  The player who last went swimming goes first and rolls the die.  If it's a "splash", then the player picks a leaf.  If it's a number, then the player gets to drop the pebble into the pond that number of times, removing any leaves that pop out.  The players place their leaves in the playing cards and keep taking turns until one player fills his card.  The first player to fill his card is the winner. 

  This game can reinforce colors and numbers, and is just plain fun.  While you can count with your child, he or she will not have to work so hard at the game that it will be a chore, so it's a good evening game for children.  However, it's not a sickeningly easy game either, so you can have a bit of fun with it.

Game Play:   This game is fun for the whole family, but adults may not find much of a challenge here.  It's wonderful for involving preschoolers in a rewarding family activity, and that helps build confidence.

Strategy:  Rolling the die to get the desired side takes some luck, and maybe skill, but getting the leaves to pop out of the pond definitely takes some trial and error.  There's probably a trick to it, but we have yet to figure it out.

Value:    Splish Splash!  is a great family or children's game that will have your preschooler in stitches.  The box, game board (pond), cards, and game pieces are all durable enough to be used time and time again.   This is a great value as well.  For under $15.00, you can't go wrong.


Instructions for playing Splish Splash!:

Jump right into this lively game thatís sure to make a splash! Roll the die and then drop the wooden pebble into the pond. Did any colorful shapes splash out? If so, match them up to your playing board. Be the first to fill up your board and then dry off with a win!

About this Game:

Imagine walking through the forest on a hot summerís day and stumbling upon a secret pond that shimmers with every color of the rainbow. Such is the inspiration for this delightful game that aims to pique your sense of wonder. As you play, youíll hone such essential skills as counting, color identification as well as hand/eye coordination. Youíll even learn some elementary physics, as you


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